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Roseville Bridge


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Hi raiders,

This weekend i'll be going out yakking with a mate. We were planning on fishing around the Roseville Bridge area. Can anyone tell me what's around there at the moment? I'm interested in anything; bream, flathead,kings,jew,trevs, whatever. Thanks!

FB :1fishing1:

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saw a few rat kings, salmon and decent whiting further up stream last week, but couldn't get a taker. quite cold up that way now. There are some fish there if you can get them to eat something!

Fished right under the bridge Saturday for a few undersized bream, doesn't help that the gates closed at 6pm - you might have more luck yak based being able to reach the further pylons without snagging but even the guy in the tinnie moved on after not catching much. Might also try in and around the mangroves, looks both very snaggy and very fishy.



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