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I have had my Daiwa exceler 2000 for about 2 years now, and ive decided its time for an upgrade.

( Frigate mackeral smash and burn drag :1prop: )

Willing to spend enough to get me something that will last and be manufactured to a higher quality

A few reels that have caught my attention are:

- Shimano Twin Power

- Shimano FireBlood

- Daiwa Sol

- Daiwa Luvias

- Daiwa Certate

Ive had a feel of some of these reels in a tackle store, and the build quality seems far superior to other lower end reels.

Seem to be falling towards the Sol/TwinPower because of the money factor :1naughty: .

Wondering if any of you Lure specialiasts have any views on these reels, or Pros and Cons

It will be matched to a Shimano 2-4kg.

Cheers Harry B)

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G'day Harry,

I've got a Fireblood, a couple of Sols and a previous model Luvias. All very different reels and I love all of them. It all depends on your budget and what you want in the reel. If you want something that is physically light, then the Luvias is awesome (but I haven't tried the new ones). If you want something that is amazingly tough for the size, then I wouldn't buy any of them... I'd buy an ABU Soron STX... under $200 but the equal of any of them in performance IMHO.

If the only reason you want a new reel is the drag quality, then just get a set of Carbontex washers for the exceller... for around $15 you'll have a totally different reel.

If the reason you want to upgrade is that you like new toys (just like me) then any of the reels you listed are great... just get the one that your heart yearns for most :biggrin2:

Cheers, Slinky

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i jsut purchased the ABU soron stx 20 (matched up with a penn slammer 7' cos i baitfish more than use lures lol) and i would have to agree with the above 2 posts... they're solid as a rock and they jsut feel like they will last

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