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Good Depth Sounder For Kingies ?


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Hey all,

The gang and I are rebuilding our boat and want to know what depth sounder we should be looking for when jigging for kings,

fishing for snapper etc offshore ?

We're all chipping in to get a good one, but want to be able to easily recognise kings/snapper on the sounder.

Could anyone recommend something ?

Thanks raiders,


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G'day Archilles,

No matter what sounder you get, identifying the species is down to experience and interpretation of what you're seeing on screen. The better the information you get on screen, the more you have to work with to make an interpretation but unfortunately, the returns on the sounder don't come with labels. It's more about where the fish are, how they're behaving and so-on. A single snapper or a single Kingfish will more or less look exactly the same on the sounder (size notwithstanding) in isolation.

I swear by my Lowrance but the new HDS series are vastly better again. Not a bad place to start looking.

Cheers, Slinky

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as slinky has said no sounder is going to tell you what is a king and what is a snapper

you have to interpret the data on the screen and make your own decision to what species it is

im currently in the process of upgrading my sounder it was either going to be a furuno 620/585 or a Lowrance hds 7,8,10

i went with the lowrance hds10 as its got a massive screen and a chart plotter and also gives me the option to install side/down scan at a later time

they work great in deep water too fishing the bottom at browns is possible using the standard transducer no need to shell out for a big 1k tranny

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