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Botany Bay 5-7-10


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Hi everyone,

I took my 2 boys and my neighbour Jono for a fish Monday afternoon as the boys were driving me crazy to take them out. We had a very late start at 2.30pm due to the earlier rain and a few other probs. The bay was very calm but there was a few showers around.

We found a Salmon school at the 3rd runway, and I thought mad, the kids can enjoy catching these all arvo, nice and easy. Daniel throws his lure in 1st and hooks up straight away. he fights the sambo all the way to the boat and lands him, Jonathan is next on but loses the fish soon after. At this point some clown comes tearing past through the school on his way back to the ramp :ranting2: . We stayed around for another half an hour but the fish never surfaced again, the kids were unhappy :( and I was pretty p--d off at this clowns total ignorance and/or stupidity.

We then found a spot and anchored up, sent the berley and baits down. Pretty much straight away we were catching bream, trevs, tailor and those damn pesky lil pinkies. We had a few Kings circling the boat following hooked fish to the boat, but thats all they would do.

Most of the bream and trevs were just unders or just overs, but the kids didn't seem to mind as long as they were catching fish, and dad was baiting hooks and untangling lines.

It was good to see them happy again.

Heres some pics







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Gotta agree Skip.

The kids faces' say it all.

When you have a day with the young guns it's all about keeping their rods bent & catching whatever no matter what.

Getting a nice feed & fun fish to catch is a bonus.

Well done on all of the above penguin! :thumbup:



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