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Its winter now and i have seen people started fishing for blackfish. i currently have a penn950ssm with 10ft surfing ugly stick. 30lb mono line. i was just wondering if this combo is ok to use for blackfishing? or do i need to but a new rod thats more sensitive. any suggestions on the rod and reel?

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If by blackfish you mean ludderick then simply put YES. If you mean rock blackfish (pigs) then no.

You won't get a hook up on ludderick with 30lb line. I use an 8lb floating line with a 6lb fluro leader. I'm old school and so fish on an alvey for blackfish but you can use a small threadline (eggbeater, its just easier float fishing with an alvey (IMHO)). Your rod should be atleast 10'6" and slow taper, good blackie sticks are not dear (global tackle has them from $90 for estuary models) as they are usually fiberglass.

Or you could target pigs with your current setup


still learning

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