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Sydney Harbour Saturday

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Hey guys!

After seeing all the great reports in sydney recently i decided to give it a go saturday morning launching from woolwich.

My work mate pulled out at the last moment so it was a solo session and not knowing the area at all it started off pretty slowly, Im not used to or comfortable fishing really anything over 10-11m and i didnt have the right jig heads for that depth, its amazing how deep some areas are in there!

But i found some shallower water in balls point bay where i landed my first fish


Moved closer to some boats in around 5m of water and instantly had hits landed 2 nice bream in a row then lost another one a little bigger at the boat then they all went shy in that area, all fish here were foul hooked like the first bream pic it was really weird :wacko:



The wind really started to howl so i moved into the lane cove river but it was really hard going i couldnt stay close to the mored boats which is where i got most of the fish bit still ended up with another nice bream and a few other under sized bream, whiting and flatties



The wind got too strong and not knowing the area i decided to head home but i was pretty pleased with the results for the first time out there :)

Cant wait to get back out there saturday arvo! Funny thing was that all fish came off plastics and not blades like stewy had such great luck with i even had the same colours too but oh well thats fishin i guess

Thanks for reading guys


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Mate it looks like you ended up having fun and that is a nice bream you have there anyone wouldbe happy with that in a comp , the old bass minnow is still hard to beat Well done.Blades would be a good lure to use in the deeper water . When I have a mate cancel on a fishing trip and Im out on my own I like to send them a text that says ........

"JEW 18KG"

Then when they call you just don't answer , hehehe , keep em wondering .

When I go out "Hans Solo" style I like to try new areas and techniques , you don't have any pressure on you to compete with your mate and you don't have to worry about if your catching fish or not . These are times you can work new things out that can really help you to become a more rounded fisherman . Sometimes I will be sitting in an area where I am sure there are fish but can't catch them so I will try different lure colours , change from H\B to soft plastics or blades and work it really slow for a while , then speed it up and rip in . Or I will just cover groung drifting while watching the sounder and jast casting in the hope I will find some structure on the bottom which is holding fish . These areas can often be in channels out in the open and are not obvious spots that you would just pull up to and fish .

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Thanks for the kind words guys!


Thanks for the tips mate. I am always buyin bargin bin plastics and trying them out, thats how i found out about the berkley hawgs :biggrin2: and i do always try to mix it up a little as well especially if my favorites are not working well. But saying that i deffently have alot more to learn as winter has really stuff'd me up lol

I really do like fishing solo the only problem i get is that the boat drifts differently than when there is more weight in the front from the extra person and i tend to spin in circles :ranting2: oh well

Haha and i always send a pic of the first fish i get, the earlyer the better :)


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I fish solo a lot more because I have flexis on mondays and only a small tinny and do pretty much the same as Dan trying different techniques and spend too much time watching the sounder instead of watching where Im going It has been very successfull over the years especially for finding EPs and bream in the Georges Over the next few flexis I hope to be looking for those Georges river jews though I do have to go and prefish Lake Illawarra for an upcoming bream tournie as I have never fished there before

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