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Whats My Boat Worth ? & Thanks Huey :)


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My uncle asked me last week what should he do about the scratches on the bottom of his e-tec.

It was my fault. I forgot to tilt the motor up. First time i've ever done it since the motor was new.(It has 100 hours and just lost its first bit of paint)

I told him to see Huey as he would know. He got the paint (Cheap too) and it came up very nice. Got some very good tips from Huey on how to do it and the motor looks great. You can barely tell it got done. Thanks huey. :thumbup:

Anyways onto my question. I have a 2009 Ally Craft 350 Taipan with a 8hp Yamaha 2005 model. It has around 100 hours on her i would guess. The trailer is a 30 year old Brooker that just got repainted, New skids, New rollers, New bearings, LED lights, The lot. There is not one bit of rust on it. Its got a casting deck. Middle floor and back section. What do you think i would get for it ?




Thanks :)

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mate nice rig there! if im goin to sell something i usually try and search the Auction sites or even boat sales sites look up the same model boat and u will have a price range of other boats for sale of the sale make and running gear ect then u can set your value from that, id assume being in good condition but having a smaller motor u will have alot of younger guys looking at your boat without license's rough guess u could prolly get any were from 3-5k for it,

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