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What Size Boat Needed To Go 12 Miles ?


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g'day raiders...

recently I bought a allycfat 5.6m bow rider. main use is for rivers and bay work !! I am thinking about going out there and chase some kings and snapper and thinking about browns and 12 miles and any other offshore reef.

i am a newbie when come to offshore, only been out a few times with my friend in his nice stabicraft Hardtop up in inelson bay, have not been out in sydney.

just wondering fellow raider out there what is the minimum size of boat we need to do a bit of offshore work ?? (i mean on a good day.

the ally craft I got is a very wide boat 2.4m beam and decent depth.

any comment would be much appreciate it.


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Your boat is plenty big enough if you pick your days. Watch out for westerly winds as they often catch out newbies, smooth ride until you turn around to come home and then all hell breaks loose.

Seabreeze is not perfect but is pretty good and updates hourly so check the night before and in the morning.

PM me if you want some help for your first trip out.


Still Learning

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make sure u know your boat inside and out before heading out this i reckon is one of the most important things! if things go wrong u can always fix it carry a tool kit, ive had smallest things go wrong on me within metres of clifffaces with breaking swell and been able to get my self out of trouble without any help, i highly recomend taking someone out with u as simon said and have all your safety gear up to date, check the weather and if u dont feel confident in the conditions turn around and head in!

good luck

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Ive been out further than that in a 4.5mtr boat, BUT it was a very calm day and at 20kms out it was more calm than what it was 3kms out, also you MUST make sure you have ample fuel to get out to browns mountain and back plus moving around out there fuel, i would estimate you would need at least 100ltrs of fuel, my 4.5mtr boat does approx 2.5kms per litre (55HP 2 stroke Yamaha) your boat would be a little less i would say with a bigger motor and more weight.......

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thanks everyone for the advice.. it is great !!

what I might gonna do is hang around in the bay for the time been and as suggest I need to get to know all my boat inside out (especially the fuel consumption). I am fixing up all the wiring right now and getting new battery etcccc.

when I am ready I am gonna ask someone who is willing to take a learner out for a spin !!!

thanks guys,

PS: my mate's stabicraft was amazing !!!!!

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