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Port Hacking Squid


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Hey Guys

Went out Port Hacking for a squid session as it is around this time when the big ones start to come out and play. Pink Daiwa MD Squid Jig did most of the damage and the biggest squid going close to 2kg.

Anyone been getting many decent fish in the hacking lately? As it has been a bit dead for me besides the squids.

I have just loaded a few pic of some squid i have caught since there seem to be high interest in squid on this forum :-) http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?app=gallery&module=user&user=14840&do=view_album&album=609


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great squid there mate... i have only ever tried for squid in the hacking landbased, never off the boat.... shouuld start giving it a go. Thanks for the tips on the time of day to try for them.

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Hey Jenno64

I use a little heavier this time of year.

Daiwa MD Jig

2500 symetre

10lb braid

20lb leader

When a monster jumps on then fills up with water they get pretty damn heavy.

I actually have few kg of squid wings and heads i need to offload as i forgot to seperate them into smaller containers and froze them up and i have so many in the freezer i really cant be bothered with the mess of trying to seperate them.

They are GIANT squidlies!! :1yikes: What jigs and line class do you use for them? You should open a Calamari Kiosk!!!

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Big Squid make my 71cm Kingie look like a little Tailor

That's bloody awesome mate :thumbup: Ever thought about "squidding tours"?!! lol Haven't seen any that big in a while. Very inspiring. Do u let the jig find its way to the bottom or do u also use an anchor to assist it to the bottom. U must know the good spots. Well done.

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well done mate thumper squid there water temp in port has been very low which is making it hard to get any decent fish i found south west arm to be 13 degrees other day not one fish came up on the sounder, we did end up with a few tailor and lone salmon

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Some squid are Bate Bay (Very Close to mouth of hacking any boat could get there). My PB squid were caught about 200 metres from the 8 Knott Zone. Other squid where caught inbetween Bundeena Wharf and Jibbon beach. My spot in Bate Bay is on my GPS and doesn't have a name.

Nice squid Vandal

Haven't seen monsters like that in the river for years.

When you say Port Hacking I'm guessing Bait Bay is included in that area?



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Judging by your Name i am guessing you already know what the Co-Ordinates are :-)

Excellent catch there Vandal, even though your Bate Bay squid spot in your GPS dosen't have a name the co-ordinates will be fine. lol


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