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Ray And Hutcho Darwin Trip

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, the next day we headed for a relaxing outing down to Corroboree Billabong, this is a very nice place for a relax and maybe a Saratoga.

So here we are at this beautiful place in Steve's boat we potter around the lilly pads in search of a Saratoga. Steve gives Hutcho and I some nice flicking loomis rods with small bait casters and some small weightless plastics to cast into the lilly pads and after about 3000 casts and 94 backlashes we finally get the hang of these things.

We belt the lillys and every now and then we would get a boof from a toga, we didn't catch any but Steve got a small one and then a larger speciman, they are an unusual fish when you see them close up.

We belted the pads for a few hours, saw some wild crocs and generally soaked the atmosphere, Steve scored a little Tarpon as well which was a bit like a salmon tailor mullet mix, an unusual little fella, we crusied around for a while and headed back, very relaxing and now we wait for the event of a lifetime which is to follow..




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Neato!! Corrobboree was where I caught my frist 2 barra back in 2000!! Mind you, we were trolling & working the lures extremely hard ..... whack, whack, whack continually whenever the motor had been turned off, & we 'drifted thru' the snag.

You'll be looking forward to getting home for some rest!!

Trip of a lifetime!



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