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Ray And Hutcho Darwin Adventure

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, The final fling of our adventure and what a way to finish, Steve organised an event of a lifetime for Hutcho and I, a chopper ride to a remote area near the Daly river and try for a wild Barra.

We were specchless this is almost a dream I had never been in a chopper before and neither of us had caught a Barra.

Anyway after pinching ourselves and picking our bottom jaws up we headed off in this noisy little machine across hundreds of square kilometeres of flood plains and harsh wilderness, we saw hundreds of different birds and even some wild pigs as we cruised towards the mouth of the Daly.

As we approched our destination the thought of a little muddy banked croc filled creek began to fill us with excitement and a little inward nervousness, then we touched down on a grassy clearing and it all became real, out in the middle of nowhere fishing for wild barra.

Our pilot (Mark) gave Steve, Hutcho and myself some rubber wet boots to put on and we were off to the creek which was only 100 meteres away, we put down our lunch, water and fishing gear stood on top of the high bank and sucked in the beauty and solitude of this place, this is truly an event of a lifetime.

So we rig up and Mark give us some ground rules to abide by and he shows us the places to stand and general cast dierctions.

Down we go while Mark keeps a watch out for crocs high up on the bank, Hutcho casts out and on this first retrieve he gets nailed by a little barra only 3-4 feet out, this fella takes off and soon after Hutcho has his first ever Barra, he is totally stoked the hooks are freed and after a pic we send him back.

Then it's Steve's turn he pulls in a Barra too right near the edge of the bank, more pics and released.

Just one more first and that is a barra for me, I continue casting next to Steve watching his every twitch to learn as much as I can from this barra master and then it happens both of us get smashed by small barra, I'm wrapped as this is my first barra and I am sooo happy, we get some pics and both are released.

Then Mark reckons that it is time to move down 100 meters and try casting along a muddy drop off, we all take his advice and do exactly that, Steve tries a slow retrieve and he gets nailed again his is a good fish, we are watching in awe as the beast flips and flops then explodes out of the water, Steve's expert skills in this form of fishing really show now as we wears the big barra down and finally wins the battle, more pics and he is sent on his way, this was the biggest for the day at 92cms

While I was concentrating on a large log like shape coming down along the creek, I stopped my retrieve for a split second and I get smashed, this is a better fish that my previous and mate this is a great fight, he rises, headshakes, tries to free himself but I get him under control and up the muddy back, this is unreal, more pics and released.

Time now for a bite to eat and down a few litres of water as the sun up high the temp is soaring, then back into it, still no crocs sighted and that log I saw earlier was a log..

Anyway Hutch and I are 100 meteres apart now and Steve and Mark are chatting on the bank, then I hear the water explode and Hutcho is on again, I race up to watch him play the barra to shore, he is all grins, so I grab a pic and he is sent back, then the master comes back and within a few casts Steve lands a nice 80cm model this one is coming bak as two big fillets..

As this day draws to a close with my best mate standing next to me on a muddy bank in the middle nowhere catching barra for our first time and the best brother-in-law standing up on the bank with Mark the pilot, I still had to pinch myself to make sure it was all real, the final tally for the day was Steve with 10 Hutcho with 4 and myself with 4, so it was a great fishing day for us.

What a day and what a way to finish off the Darwin fishing adventure, Hutcho and I have done something that we may never do again, totally awesome, Steve is a legend, such a down to earth and generous man as is his lovely wife Cheryl who had to put up with smelly fishos or a few days..

So there you have it, now I'll let all the pics do the talking..
















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Fan-bloody-tastic Ray & Hutcho!! How good was that???

Congrats on both of you busting the Barra Bubble - have you booked yourselves in again for 5 years time?? I reckon you should!!

Golly, you two have had the adventure of a lifetime!

Everyone is EXTREMELY jealous



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What a great Darwin report Ray :thumbup: , All those different trips and fish . Fishing the rock ledges looking for rogue waves will never be the same after fishing in muddy creeks looking for logs , I mean crocs .

Cheers Dogtooth...... :1fishing1: John.... :beersmile:

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Green with envy Ray, must be different getting a chopper into the area as opposed to clambering around the rocks @ Avoca, lol

Another great read and fantastic piccies :thumbup::biggrin2:

Shame the Barra was just short of the magic 1m mark... next time eh...




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Mate,It wasn't quite exciting enough...

I've ordered half a dozen 6M crocs from Steve Irwins place for delivery to the avoca lagoon..... seems the only way you'll ever be excited by a fishing trip again! :yahoo:



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Ray & Hutch Well done to the both of you!!!

I have seen stuff like this on TV and it looks fantastic one day I hope I can experience it too!!!!

First Barra First Ride in a Chopper sounds like everything went to plan...


What a Adventure!!!!!! :thumbup:



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Now you're just showing off :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

What a fantastic experience, Ray. Great photos of some awesome fishing in an awesome location. Don't fancy being quite so close to those mud-geckos at water level much though. :04:

Great report too mate... keep it coming :thumbup:

Cheers, Slinky

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How good was that. Barra, choppers, best mates, and an experience you'll never forget.

Your first chopper ride is always one you'll never forget.

What a fantastic trip. Can't wait to hear about it in person.

So Ray, are you all fished out???


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