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Botany Bay 11Th July


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We set out at 6am with Scotty Lyons trying a few spots for Travali getting only a couple (one keeper). Even though we didnt have much success as the Travali were a little elusive today, I did learn some great techniques for catching them.

With Reds caught almost every cast, we soon moved on to troll which produced Sambos and Tailor including my PB Tailor (54cm) Woohoo! :yahoo: .

Anchored later in the day for bream and netted one good keeper. Once again we caught a targeted fish on a newly learned technique.

Learned a lot today thanks to Scotty and had a lot of fun and produced some good fish.

Scotty has to be one of the most proactive fishing guides I have ever been with, constantly moving on to new spots and targets if it isn't producing.

Thanks Scotty.




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