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Lost Boat Key - Help


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again fellow raiders, i have been working on my boat replacing floors and minor mods, then comes to getting my boat key out and it has fallen off my key ring.

Now its a mercury motor and forward control.

I have no spare key.

What do i do?

Anyone know a locksmith or place i can get a new key / key hole without breaking the bank???


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mate if you can remove the barrel without too much headaches I would not think it would be any different than any other key,

any locksmith should be able to help I would think, just take the key barrel to them and they could make you a key

I had to do this once with my car and it only cost me $50, Good luck with it anyway



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If you can get the barrel out and take it to them it will cost a heap less then them comin out to you. Goodluck, Let us know how you go as i wouldnt mind a spare key for mine.

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has happened to me in the past

just call up your dealer they will have spairs

there is a number on the ignition that corresponds to a key

there are only a few diffrent keys that start up the mercs

they should carry spares

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Hi, as mentioned you can buy Merc keys for about $10 and it will have a letter and number is latish model. They start at 1A and go from there. We keep them all in stock.



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