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Awesome Day In The Harbour


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Yesterday was an awesome day not just for the fish but I had the chance to fish with fellow raider Johnno and after a slow early start we managed to get onto some good fish.

We arrived at the ramp at five dock only to find some careless person had left at least 50+ filleted fish carcasses, some undersize at the base of the rampwife.gif which now has a great jetty to walk your boat out and it looks like there finally trying to sort out the old parking issues.

We were on the water around 3:30am and plans were to head East of the Bridge for a squid session when we decided to turn around due to poor visibility. It was my first time heading out under the bridge at night and it makes you appreciate how awesome our city is and how lucky we are. We started squidding around some of the wharves with no luck, but all was not lost as we noticed lights turning on in the buildings around us and people were getting up to watch the World Cup Final. Thankfully Johnno's great fishing vessel had a radio on it so we had the best of both worlds and got to fish as we listened to the game. Doesn't get much better or does it?

We kept moving around and after some knowledgeable tips johhno received from Stewy we were getting amongst it. We were fishing mainly with blades and we were landing a lot of undersize or just legal bream but we were happy, even though we had both hooked upto some good fish only to see them swim away from the boat after the hooks had pulled05.gif

Later on Johnno fires a nice cast and zzzzzzz his onto a good fish and he gets it back to the boat only to have me knock his coffee into the water as I lent down to net the fish. After a few tense moments and johnno repeating forget the bloody coffee the 31cm specimen was landed and it was high fives all round. Then the very next cast zzzzzzzzzzzz Johnno was on again this time there were no hassles and the 37cm bruiser was in the boat and high fives all round again. After I landed a small flatty and whiting we decided to have our last few casts when I yelled I'm on again Johnno but it doesn't feel like much. Boy was I mistaken1yikes.gif

I then said nah this is a good fish good fish and after the first glimpse of the fish we knew this horse wasn't ready to give up without a fight. After some scary moments and numerous lunges from the fish we had her on board. High fives again and we put her on the measure and broke the 40 mark with a 43cm tank. We got some pics weighed her in at 1.2kg and let her live to fight another day.

Well that was it for me I decided to finish the day on a high and see if we could get Johnno onto her brother but no luck. We then packed up and headed back to the ramp.

After we cleaned the boat up and checked it out I left Johnno's with a day I'll never forget.

beersmile.gif Johnno for an awesome day

P.s. Let me know if you need some company again and maybe we can try and crack the Georges River Jewies



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Well done on a great day. That is a ripper of a bream there.

I out there yesterday and saw all of the fish frames sitting on the ramp. It was just starting to smell the place out :mad3:

It is a shame that I didn't see you guys out there.

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Well what a great day having another fellow member on the boat

the idea was to chase some squid early but that didn,t happen

So we worked back and gave a few spots a go

Brad started strong which he landed 3 fish and was casting very well and i was struggling to say the least

but i grabbed a plastic on a rod that was already setup and within a few minutes i was on also.

which settled the nerves a little.


Now with the the light upon us and the sun coming out it warmed a little with our spirits of landing some good fish

but soon i noticed the leccy wasn,t running on full power :(

we continued to fish landing a mixed bag for the day (bream,flathead.leatherjacket,whiting)

with some bust offs and dropped fish after pretty much thinking they would be boated.


the leccy was a battler and a champion at that it stuck it out for the session and

gave me nealry a new pb and Brad a great fish.We pulled fish constantly ranging from 25 and up.

And some very funny and enjoyable moments on the boat.

i had a flattie chase a blade out of the water and launch into the air boat side.

with me needing to peg back the score count i did so with a 31cm, then a 37cm within a cast of each other and Brad knocking my hot coffee of the gunwhale

in the water that i had just poured. :074:

Then Brad scores a 43cm monster 100m before we where to call it a day



It was a great day out and enjoyable

PS-Paul you parked next to me :biggrin2:

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i will edit this later and add a few more pics

PS-Paul you parked next to me :biggrin2:

Good stuff Johnno :D

What time did you head back in?

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Bloopin i certainly am liking week days off

monday was a RDO and was great to hit the water again.

im really enjoying the water when most days im getting into some good fish

Paul we got back to the ramp at 12.30ish

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Thanks fellas we had a great day and caught some great fish and the weather was brilliant, cool in the morning then the sun came out and the water was like glass.

It's a shame we didn't meet up Paul but how did you go out there anyway?

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Thanks fellas we had a great day and caught some great fish and the weather was brilliant, cool in the morning then the sun came out and the water was like glass.

It's a shame we didn't meet up Paul but how did you go out there anyway?

Yeah it was a great day out there although we didn't get to the ramp till late we accounted for some good fish :D

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