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First Expedition For Ages 27/4


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Took Wed afternoon off after working ANZAC afternoon. Decided that the sphinx up at Bobbin Head was very appropriate and after paying my respects, took the long walk into Cowan Creek. A very low tide greeted me, which made access easy but fishing prospects less than exciting. Only had an hour or so, so I covered as much ground as possible before I finally caught a nice bream of about 30cm, before making the steep climb out. Beautiful day, great scenery and fantastic just to wet a line.



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HEY TROUBLE, hurry the F up with the canoe, we can go to the lands! Well done on the Breambo Mac, im yet to land anything after a couple of atempts with the SP's, if you ever need a fisho partner, give us a ye;ll. Cheers.


Hey Pedro,

I'm stalled on the direction part of the electric motor. I have remoted all of the switches. The problem is mounting the electric window winder in a way that works. I haven't had much time lately, finding time for fishing is hard enough.


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