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Botany Spin Session


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Went out with soapie (nick) this morning to cast a few plastics in botany.

Drifting along the runway we started to get into some trevors,

some good ones were landed and some better than average ones as well.

During the trevor mahem that we got into,i got a hit that was better than average, to my surprise a 40cm snapper :thumbup: the only snapper i have caught that was jumping to the boat, up its a#@se was a king mouth open wanting breakfast.

A good ten min later i hooked up to what i thought was that king,

using 4lb mono i was loosing line pretty fast,

with nick chasing the fish with the leccy,i started gaining line and soon we had colour.

When the fish was boat side we were both alittle stunned, with nick slipping the net under it, it was one of the biggest trevors i have caught let alone seen. :1yikes:

All in all a great mornings session with a tally of 16 trevors 2 bream 1 snapper and 1 flatty. :thumbup:

Great work with the net nick :thumbup:


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Guest bluecod
Jocool, I reckon a treva would pull a kingie backwards !!


Ohh Gawd! dont start him on another species, he's only just coming to terms with kingies :risata::risata::risata:

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:1clap: Great effort guys, good to see the trev's back to there usual tricks. :1fishing1:

Nick you look like you had a ball and with that smile im sure the trev gave you a run for your manoy.

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Great report and some top photos.

Must have been a good kingfish to want to make breakfast of that snapper.

Not often you get tio see a trev that big, so you should be feeling pretty satisfied.

Got a question What does every one think of the eating quality of Trevs

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