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Pumicestone Passage 1/5

Ken A

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There's been some nice Garfish about the passage over the last few weeks so I headed around on the run up tide armed with my favorite noodle rod & rigged with a quill float. For bait I had some little salted prawn pieces & a few slices of bread for berley.

I fished for around an hour & ended up with 12 nice eating size Garfish up to 38cm long & half a dozen small ones which I kept for mackerel baits. I had a ball catching them but the NW wind ended up getting too strong.

I love catching Garfish & they are one of my favorite eating fish. Tomorrow night is crumbed garfish fillets with a dash of lemon sauce & home made chips. I might even wash them down with a brew or 2 :biggrin2:

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Well done Ken, I can taste those garfish there great eating.

I have been using cat food to burly them up, any type that states its got some fish in it. Works a treat

Enjoy your garfish Ken


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Jeffo they were at Monash Street where I fish for whiting. All Sea Gars no snub nose. The big ones are there one day not the next but there are plenty of bait sized ones there.

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