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Davo 28-04-05


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Headed out to South Kincumber first for a flick with my mate.. but wind was gusting, and was a useless venture.

So headed round to Davo and with no wind, was a fun session. Pulled about 8 just legal bream.. (released), and a few leather jackets. Stayed for about 2 hours and finally got a feed, an over 40cm lizard. Headed back to South Kinny and yanked a few blue swimmer crabs of the 8cm or so range. So with the leather jacket from the day before, was a good feed :1clap:

Plus we caught this other fish.. looks like a rock Cod.. but I have never seen it before.. is this what it is?.. (see pics)




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Sounds like an alright session. I have caught 2 of those now on bass minnows at davo as well. They have real powerful jaws so i kept 1 to show a mate and he thought was a stargazer. They are like a stonefish but no spines. Very weird im keen to find out what they are. Good report Cheers Tyrone

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jewel is right.

its an eastern frogfish. i landed one last year in the georges. i sent the pix to fisheries and the conculsion was an eastern frogfish. my pix as follows:



certainly one of the ugliest fish i have ever seen :wacko:

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