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Brown Trout


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:1clap: Took some time off from work yesterday as things were pretty quiet and decided to try my luck on the local trout population. Fished the backwaters of Wentworth Falls Lake in slightly overcast conditions with a rod set in a holder loaded with berkeley powerbait.About 20 mins later it goes off resulting in a nice little rainbow trout of about a pound.I rebaited the line and put it back in the rod holder while i flicked a rebel crawdad around on my lure rod for a couple of small bumps :bump0ee: . Changed lures to a squidgie wriggler attached to a small gold coloured betts spin arm and thats when i saw the large brown only three ft in front of me in about 2 ft of water! I predicted his beat and cast about 15ft in front of him and slow rolled the lure straight back towards him. The fish spotted the lure and pounced on it right in front of me heading for deeper water as soon as it felt the sting of the hook. The fight was a good one and lasted for a good few minutes before i felt that the fish was tired enough to land. I landed the fish removed the hooks and took a couple of quick happy snaps(film not digital)and gently swam the fish to get some oxygen over its gill plates before a gentle release. I have seen these large browns so many times but so far have been unable to hook one, so it is a huge relief to land one especially right in front of me! The fish weighed 2.46kg and was 595mm long. Will post some photos when they are developed :1clap::1fishing1::thumbup:
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