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Manly Dam 08/05/05


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Fished manly dam today at approx. 3:30-5:15 pm. with no success.

Was the first time i have ever been manly dam, so i decided to try for some bass.

went to the furthest part of the dam, where it begins to narrow down. used the Berkely Frenzy surface popper, kokoda spinner bait, bass minnows for nothing much.

decided to head back, and walk over the dam wall, Since i saw there was no "No Fishing" sign, i threw in my line with some dough, along with some dough as berly. Saw few darts of the fish hit the berly.

Not sure what fish it was, but looked slim in size, silver colour and approx 30 - 40 cm long.

Got one hit but no hook up. So i decided to head home before the parents start complaing :ranting2:

Has anyone had success at Manly Dam recently?

what fish do you guys know that exist there, and what are the best spots?

Thanks fellas

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I havnt done much good there either, although its just down the road, only been there a few times. There's some Raiders that get there a bit, I'm sure you'll get some info. But try the dam wall, north side amongst the lillies, there was a report about big carp there not long ago, also, might be getting cold for the bass unless you go deep.

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