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20-10-10 Rose Bay Late Arvo Fishing


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Howdy fellow Raiders. . .

Went down to Rosebay yesterday after work around 6pm, Bought some Plastics and Jighead's and thought I just have a few flicks. . .

Just fishing along the flats and about 10 casts in a slow retreive had nothing. . So changed spot abit further up and first cast produced a small what I believe to be a Tailor? but you guys can verify for me =)

For the next 2 hrs, a few big hits but no fish. . but thats what you expect from fishing =)



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Yeah only moved to Rosebay about 2 weeks ago so just getting a feel of what the area can produce =)

I'll probably head down every afternoon if the weather is good to practice the plastics. . .



Nice little report mate!

Gotta get down to that spot soon!



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