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Sussex Inlet 7/5/5

Guest Jewel

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Guest Jewel

The girl wanted to go away for the weekend.......... hmmm, I wanted to go fishing, how do we solve this problem?

Steal fishrunners boat, pack the gear and book somewhere on the river at Sussex!

Saturday morning was a bit of a late start after Friday night. :beersmile:

So after the manditory cafe brekky, suggest that we drop the boat in and "go for a cruise on the inlet" :1naughty:

In light of the upcoming events I thought that a good look around my benefit some of the lads here. Did a cruise in wet and windy conditions from the bar to the basin and checked out any spots that seemed worthy. :1fishing1:

The main problem in Sussex is the weed, really tough ribbon in the shallows (read most moorings, jettys and boat sheds) and in the deeper areas in the creeks/canals a horrible treelike weed that grows to just under the surface. The shallow areas have a very strong flow in the tide which makes working unweighted or lightly weighted baits difficult. :thumbdown:

The canals/creek were much less influenced by the tide but still had a reasonable flow, but the amount of loose ribbon and the tree like weed made it very hard to bring a bait back without some sort of fouling :ranting2:

Ended up getting the shits with the bream and fell back on the flatties, must have recycled 15 to 40cm in 2 hours. :thumbup:

I have a mate that used to regularly take out the bream prize in the comp down there and gave his spot a go (was always good for a couple of 3-4lb fish!) its hard to fish with lures (the primo bait there used to bet luderick gut). Saw a few huge buggers but no hookups. Where is this spot you ask....... I am open to bribes! :1naughty:

I did have a couple of good takes slow trolling my favorite big flattie livies.... had the hooks pull on a monster :05:

Can also recommend the accomodation "Cedar Pines" really nice, large cabins and not too dear. The folks running the place are great, they have their own wharf out the front to tie up to and its only a short walk to the RSL :beersmile: and town.

All up a nice weekend away but not as fishy as I would have liked!

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Guest Jewel

Shame I didnt know you were down there and shore based :thumbdown: , I dropped the girl :ranting2: back at the cabin after an hour or so and had plenty of space in the boat for the afternoon! :1fishing1:

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