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Sydney Harbour 7/05


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:thumbup: Gidday all,

Managed to convince the wife that it was safe to take my son 2 1/2 year old son "Rek" out for his first fish on Saturday morning,I had backup from my brother Dan and we put in at that shit ramp at little manly.Trouble was there was a feelthy feelthy southerley blowing as you all know so after very little debate we hung around the Quarantine area to see what was happening out of the wind.

The answer was not much,watching most boats that were doing the same as us there was a distinct lack of action,we cast out for squidlys and did not even get a follow (no great surprise).The only positive was that rek kept saying green prawn whenever I cast out (the jig was green).

Still we perservered,came across "JIGGING JOE",but he was involved in an intense phone call on his mobile so I did not want to interrupt,we ended up drifting for flathead and after Rek picking up two trevally (his first fish) we dropped the pick on the gravelly bit near the yellow marker and burleyed up a shoal of horse slimeys.

A tip for initiating kids to fishing.Find a school of slimeys ,give them a handline and say "hold this",bait up the hook and just casually flick it out and watch what happens :hitsfan: ,line everywhere,slimey slime on everything ,lines crossed,around props,bust offs,and excited dads,it was all happening,any way we had a good day,the mackeral smoked up a treat,rek caught the two trevally (fish of the day) and he asked me this morning when can he go fishing again. :1clap:

I said you had better go and ask the :wife: ,on that one.



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Guest Jocool
came across "JIGGING JOE",but he was involved in an intense phone call on his mobile so I did not want to interrupt,


Sorry Simon. I would normally have said HI! Wasnt much happening! :thumbdown:

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