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Up The Back Of The Goon

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I Headed down to the Goon for half an hour right on dusk yesterday evening with a few surface lures. I decided to fish up the back for a change and the number of Mullet I saw jumping was ridiculous, at any one point in time if I was to have taken a picture showing my field of vision it would have shown at least 5 mullet airborne simultaneously.

Anyway I'd been casting various surface offerings with no real sign of significant predatory activity when my Heddon's tiny torpedo was snatched from the surface as I was working it in long steady pulls. I was using slightly heavier gear than normal 10lb fireline, 12lb fluro and What ever I'd hooked felt solid and went on a few short bursts before slowing and a stand off begun, broken up by intermittent bursts of power. I figured I had the fish in open water and pretty under control although not gaining much line so I fumbled for my head torch while maintaining pressure with the other hand, by the time I'd got it on line started to feel weird although it was rubbing against something before finally It held firm and I lost the feeling of the fish...bugger, I shouldn't have been so complacent. I played around with it for a while, but ended up having to bust it off.

I wish I could say I thought it was some form of exotic but the fight was reminiscent of a large flattie, despite the fact it took a surface lure.


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