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Why Does The Bow Lift So High When Taking Off?


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Hi Raiders!

I looked at a boat yesterday to buy and when test driving it, the bow lifted quite high (higher than im used to) when i was taking off.

I tested it at different speeds as well and tried to balance all the weight to the front of the boat. Still quite high.

It flattens out when speed is constant though.

Fuel tank is built in the middle of the boat.

Is this easily fixed? or maybe normal?

Boat looks like this:

post-6537-039214800 1289428538_thumb.jpg

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Hi, that boat and engine combo should not raise the bow anymore than other boats of the same size, they all do it and perhaps the engine was not trimmed all the way down when you applied power. It would have the torque to plane that boat with it trimmed out and when you do that it does a "wheely", so that could be the reason. Prop design can also play a part in this and a Permatrim would help if all else checks out, but as I said a properly set-up 70HP on that hull will not be what I call overpowered or overweight so it might be just you are not used to it. What did the dealer say because only wayt to sya something is normal or not is to experience it.



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Thanks Huey and Fryboy!!

yes, you guys are right, im not quite used to that style and the motor looked like it's mounted a little low as when we're driving / planing out, the water was very close to the engine (probably within 5 - 10cm).

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