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Shimano Lucanus Jigs Replacement Hooks


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Just wondering if anybody can tell me how to replace the hooks on a Shimano Lucanus Jig,,, to me it is impossible,,, the hooks wont go backwards inside the jig and the ring obviously doesnt go through the jig,,,,, im am looking to upgrade to heavier hooks,,,BUT even the replacement hooks made by Shimano,,, i cant see how you get the ring off??

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hey mate,

they had me stumped too when I first got them but I worked it out after playing around with it for a bit. Its a bit hard to explain in words but this is how you do it.

1. pull on the ring so that the ropes comes through the jig

2. now the confusing bit, pull the piece of rope the goes across the other two strands out and right over the whole ring.

3. now the rope and the ring are two seperate parts so you can pull the rope through the jig.

If that doesn't help I'll attatch pics of how its done if you like.

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