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Is It Possible To Catch Mulloway On The Beach During The Day?


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Late afternoon.... terigal beach

12lb braid ... fishing for tailor to be used as bait for the jewie session that night..... using half pillies

1 cast .... as soon as it hit the water it took of for NZ . 10 minutes later i saw the biggest tail slap i have seen .

another 10 minutes later i saw the biggest mulluway in a wave that i have seen .

20 minutes later and almost landed ......... braid snapped = lost fish .

yes they are there but i think they are more prevalent at night BUT if the food is there i guess they will be as well . [ later that night i caught my 1 and only jewie of 6 kg,s ]

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the memories :biggrin2::biggrin2:


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