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Spool New Line To Conventional Reel


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hey there Phil if u dont know how to put the line on properly, mate i would suggest u take it to the tackle store, they will get it on the reel evenly & tight. the last thing u need is for it to tangle or bird nest on u out there fishing

cheers john

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Thanx all. I hope they're willing to do spooling service for me even though I didn't buy the reel from them. Gobal tackle is too far away from my place. Probably just go to nearby tackle shop and ask. Anywayway, thanx to landbasenewbie's suggestion.

I think I will practice how to cast an overhead reel in my backyard first before i wet the line. I don't want to see myself in trouble during the fishing session. I will use my Shimano saragosa first if i'm still not confident to conventional reel. Thanx for your remind johnv.

Is it hard to use conventional reel compare to spinning? I heard that every beginner will experience bird nesting on their reel at the beginning. Just can't imagine with this mess during the fishing session.

Also I find out there,s a piece of ittle standing point on the middle of trinidad reel which make me hesitate to wind new line to the spool. What is this little protruding thing function? To tie a knot on it instead make a uni knot to the reel?



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