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Need Boat Service In Pitwatet


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G'day Everyone,

I'm new to the forum and new to serious saltwater fishing. I was a mad keen trout fisherman (fly and lures, no bait) as this fitted in well withe outback camping, kayaking and shooting. I've had to give that up as a young man driving a Hyundai hit me head on between Bathurst and Orange and now I can only walk a couple of hundred metros and cannot balance on stream side rocks.

So, I've moved to Mona Vale and bought a 7.5m aluminum cruiser with a 250hp Etec. It's got all the bells and whistles for fishing eg kill tank, live bait tank, 8 rod holders and the essential fridge.

It is due for a service and either a re-anti foul or pressure hose of the hull. Some questions:

1. How often should I need to anti foul it? It was done a year ago.

2. It currently does not have a fuel gauge and I would like to have an on fashion fuel gauge. It does seem to have a sender attached to each tank, so hopefully I will just need two gauges. I would also like the have the fuel flow (which I understand is measured by the Etec anyway) display on my Garmin 4008 multifunction screen.

Who could I take it to to have this done plus an engine service. It has 188 hours on it and I would like to service it as three years/300 hours seems to good to be true.

thanks in advance for your advice,

Kind regards,


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