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Hi all,

I dont have any problems getting squid in port hacking, but are there any landbased spots in the georges river where you can get squid too ? I havent found any where Ive been so far.

(Dont need to give me an exact spot or fav location...just some guidance)

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dont blame you.....walking past a cementry at night isnt the most comforting way to spend a night :1boff:

i seriously doubt that there are less numbers of squid in the sorges system. in fact i think there is more cause its a larger system. the hacko is just more landbased friendly.

there is another spot i remebered, near the capt. cook memorial in the nasho there. i have also seen blokes land 1kg+ from the steps in the nasho but this is during the day

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Up until the last few trips, I have always been able to get squid down around bare islands and the heads. On the south side I have got them at watts reef and they are sure to be along the shore there as well.

Not sure about up the river though in the muddy water.

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Under the lights on the northern side on Tom Ugly's bridge holds squid at night apparently.


That's the only place in the Georges I've seen and caught squid but not that often.

Never seen or heard of any further upstream than the bridges.

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Ive heard bundeena is good, but its too far to get to after work when you just want a few squid for bait the next morning.

I'll have to check out Tom uglys bridge as Im close to their. Just find that there are too many people there most times and half of them cant cast straight. So dont want to be tossing my jigs around close to them. Wish I could get to the marina close to there but no chance landbased.

Bare Is might be a goer...lots of kelp beds around there.

Wish the weather wasnt so crap tonight as the missus isnt here and I cold have gone out sussing it out.

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