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Do You Remove The Middle Hook On H.b's


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Hi guys,

i was talking to a guy the other day and he reckons you remoove the middle treble from your hb's when going for bream. It reduces the chance of getting snagged.

I tried this with a little attack lure i had and the lure went totally out of tune.

I am going to go down to ottos today and get some sx40's will they go out of tune as well??

What do you guys think.

Also i have read that a lot of you love the squidgies in bloodworm size 2 or similar,

i have tried these, but haven't got anything yet. The area i tried was under the foot bridge to the right of uts rowers, right between the piers. I have tried a rising tide both at dawn and dusk.

I am wondering if these are more a clear water sp as they wouldn't put out much vibrations when retrieved slowly??

My retrieve is varied but usually very slow with twitches occasionaly using about 1/20 jug heads.



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I never remove any trebles myself. It can throw some lures way out of balance.

I hook plenty of Bream on the middle treble on SX-40's as well. I wouldn't recommend removing it.

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Heres another good reason. The middle hook often bites into the head of the fish like in the photo below of a 45cm Bream I got last year. You can see the tail treble is only very lightly in the lip & probably would have pulled out if the centre treble had not buried in its cheek. This happens a fair bit in my experience :biggrin2:

Its also an opportunity to post that chunky fish again :1prop:


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I've said this before, but the Owner Stinger trebles often don't hook-up well because they're so sharp. The fish is often only lightly hooked on the rear treble. That's when it's important to have the middle treble to catch on the head somewhere (like in Ken's pic) and secure the fish better.


They don't often hook up well I'll agree, but if you were using other trebles you wouldn't have hookd up at all :biggrin2:

Leave the middle treble on, suffer the odd snag or get some titanium 'Luresaver' split rings (these work well by the way).

I've never heard anyone say leaving the middle treble on makes them catch less fish................ :1naughty:

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The only lure I remove the belly treble on is rebel teeny wee crawfish and I will then change the rear treble to a size larger This seems to work well in snaggy situations


Agree with you about the Crawdad Andrew, the trebles on them are terrible for hanging up with each other. Removing the Belly treble on them doesnt effect the action either. All my crawdads run without the belly treble, but they would be about the only lure.



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