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Hi there Raiders,

having recently come down with a non terminal but seemingly incurable form of fishingitis, I have found myself venturing further out in search of ever bigger, feistier and tastier fish. The problem , however is that my skill set and tackle box are firmly stuck in the world of bait soaking, with a branching out into soft plastics. This just won't do, so a trip to the local tackle shop to put a smile on the owners face is due.

Therefore, in an unashamedly blatant effort to benefit from fellow raiders hard earned experience, I invite you to nominate your ALL TIME, TOP 5, FAVOURITE FISHING LURES.:thumbup:

If you could have only five lures, these would be the ones. I'm looking for your Angelina Jolie of fishing lures, not your Julia Gillards.

A good start would be the name, size and colour of the lure, with a brief description of where and how you use it, what species you target with it and maybe a photo would be excellent. Remember to nominate the Angelina Jolie of your top 5 too!

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(soft plastic) 3" Atomic Prong (pearl core colour) - flathead, jacks, bream and reef fish love them

(soft plastic) 145mm Squidgie Flick Bait (blue pilchard colour) - snapper, mackerel, cobia and pelagics

(soft plastic) 4" Powerbait Power Minnow (pearl watermelon) - flathead, flathead and more flathead.

Bomber long 14A (Gold) - anything that lives in water north of Bundaberg eats them... I'm told that impoundment barra do too but I'm still to prove it

Spanyid Raider 40g & 20g - for throwing at tuna, tailor, salmon, kingfish, queenfish and almost any other pelagic that swims

Cheers, Slinky

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kingfish- 6 inch sluggo in white color

- river 2 sea dumbell popper 110mm in slimy mackeral colour




frigates- halco chrome twisty 5-20 gram

flathead- berkley gulp 3inch minnow (colour depends on water colour)

atomic prawn 3inch any colour as theyre all fairly natural

good luck with the change over from bait i doubt youll look back, all i wanted for years was a 60cm flathead, once i made the change it wasnt too long before i exceeded my hopes and landed an 82 then a 78 then a 80 with many 60+ all in a matter of a few months.

in regards to the flatties i reckon you catch a bit less fish but the quality is usually much better and no crappy bicatch just big bream, big whiting, and kingfish in certain areas.

enjoy your lure fishing, its very rewarding.

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i mainly fish for bream + bycatch so i fish really light and with small lures

not in any order......

ecogear zx35 ... always pulls me out of the shit landed my pb bream and many big flatties on these

berkley 3 inch minnow pearl watermellon and peppered prawn..... my biggest whiting and raider record :1prop: fell to one but anything that swims will go for them

squidgy pro fish grasshopper and flash prawn... slow rolled or kill and burned i have caught many flatties and alot of others even whiting!

squidgy 80mm wriggler blood worm flash prawn and wasabi .... fished really light and double whipped with long pauses works great landed my pb trev on one last week

My home made blades ...... cant beat the feeling of catching a fish on something you have made :)

hope this helps


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powerbait 4" minnow (grey ghost, casper clear) - salmon, flathead, pike

duel adagio heavy (in any blue silvery design) - salmon, bonito, kingfish

zipbaits system minnow 15HD (in any blue silvery design) - salmon, bonito, kingfish

gillies pilly (silver, its nice and cheap haha) - salmon, bonito, kingfish

souls bomber 9 (in any blue silvery design) - salmon, bonito, kingfish

i'm mostly out on the rocks chasing a fight or sashimi

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For barra

riedy's B52 in the gold and grey spot. Cast around structure, weedbeds and standing timber in the dams twitchhing the hell through it with substantial pauses. Caught my first barra on it and their hooks are strong out of the box!

Squidgy 110mm Slickrigs slowly rolled around weedbeds, barra love them


Arbogast jitterbug 50, rivers and dams i love this lure, with a constant retrive and the occasional pause (i have heard of it working on bream too)

Bream, EP, Flathead, Trevalley... well almost anything that swims i reckon :1prop:

Squidgy Bloodworm wriggler 80mm anywhere you'd find the above fish!

Jazz Zappa, over the flats in the warmer months this lure quickly proved itself! it was awesome on the bream

and an extra for good luck

MF40 blades, deep holes or sand flats(mostly on flathead) they work very well

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My 5 would be, from smallest to largest' targeted fish.

Berkley 3" bass minnow, pearl watermelon or pearl blue.I've caught bream,flatties,whiting,flounder,tailor,trevally,bass,salmon,trout,spangled emperor,snapper,jew,kings,bonnies & god knows what else on them.

Strike pro 35 blade. I'd use nothing else now in the Harbour because of the shear numbers of different species they produce.

5" gulp jerk shad in nuclear chicken. Need I say more as an inshore/offshore plastic.

5" Hollow belly for barra, jew & jacks. Love the slow roll!

Halco laser pro 120. My fave & one of the most versatile & productive offshore trolling lures. Good for casting in creeks as well.



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