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How The Quality Of Sydney Water ?


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Lots of rain around again this week and flowing down the rivers in Sydney (and I guess most of the ear coast). With so much fresh water, how does this affect the ecosystem and fish ? Over the past few months I have not had much luck in the lower Georges or Botany Bay and was wondering whether all this fresh water has had an effect - either the mix of fresh/salt water, flushing and/or just murky.

Thoughts ???

Thanks - Flano

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Hi Flano.

From my view only, the water in Sydney Harbour is terrible right now. I have been out a couple of times recently and the water was green which is very unusual.

Hopefully the rain will stop soon and the water quality will return (be it good or bad, it will be back to normal hopefully!).

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I have found fishing the upper reaches of the Georges River after rain just produces Eels.

The fish tend to look for saltier water as the water becomes too fresh, they seem to head out towards the bay's and oceans. If the water is murky in the river i think you are wasting your time, try fishing east of como.

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