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Outside Botany Bay


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Hi guys,

I am just about to venture outside botany bay for the first time, as i am getting over fishing inside at the moment. Once i get the additional saftey gear that i need, and a calm day i will venture outside. Have u guys got an tips for crossing the coastal bar at botany, and i was also wondering if you guys can give me any tips of where to start fishing outside (as i dnt have a fish finder just yet), next thing on the list. I dont want to go to far out as i dont have a massive boat so within the 2NM mark.

Thanks guys in advance so any tips

Cheers happy fishing

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It would be a good idea to take someone experienced with you. Check all weather forcasts and log in with the coast guard.

On a calm day you wont have any problem getting outside as there is no bar crossing in botany bay.

As for fishing without a sounder, maybe you could throw plastics in the washes on north head. a few snapper and kingies around at the moment.

Or drifting outside for flat head in 30-50m of water is another go.

good luck mate

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Oh ok, what channel is the coast guard on to log in mate. i dont have a vhf radio i just have the normal one mate.


UHF Channel 88

Botany Bay doesn't have a bar so much as an entrance - its far less dangerous to cross than a normal river bar. Stay in the middle of the channel for the best run. I have been heading out of botany bay and port hacking for the last 10 years in a 4.2m quintrex. Pick your days (especially the first few times). I find wind just as problematic as swell in smaller boats so wait for a day when both are favourable. One thing about botany, you can get days when the wind and swell are coming from different directions and a containership inevitably passes you on the other side so its like being hit from 3 directions at once. You shouldn't be heading outside on these days in a small boat anyway. My rule is that if I have to think twice about heading outside - I turn around and find somewhere sheltered to fish.

No sounder will make it harder for you but there are some options: Troll along the healdands/cliffs for bonito etc. Drift stirght out from the heads of the bay in 30-50m for flatties (I have also picked up reddies and mowong doing this). Anchor in 20-30m of water out from any of the land/structure. Float baits and burly and see whats about.

After years of heading outside the bay, I came the conclusion that the fishing inside the bay was just as good (if not better) than heading outside.

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I wouldn't be in a rush to head outside the bay at the moment Kosta. The water is seriously cold atm and the fishing has really shut down. You will probably fare better sticking inside the heads and fishing inside as the water is much warmer in the bay.

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The latest el cheapo sounders at $150 will help you a lot in what you want to do.

I think they are good value. Just my opinion. Like the others said it is not to difficult.

Take the advice and go out with some one experienced.

I agree it is better inside at the moment.

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Guest Aussie007

u wont have a problem in that boat getting out there as everyone else said pick the right days and troll along the coastal line u will pick up a lot of bonito within 1000 meters along the coastal line coming out of the bay without a fish finder or sounder keep a distance of 50-100m as a fish finder can be used to show u depths or where your entering shallower waters and keep an eye out if u head out of the bay and go north i cant remember exactly how far away from north head there is a big ledge that is submerged with swell we only seen it one day when we were chasing huge schools of yellow tail and another boater came between us and the rocks while we were talking to him we seen the water wash away and this bloke was within a few meter of landing his boat on this rocky ledge so drive with caution

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