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Ray And Hutcho Popping For Whiting

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, Hutcho and I decided that today was going to be our first real attempt at a serious popper session.

What can I say but this is one of the best forms of fishing we have done as it is a real heart pumping technique

for catching fish.

Hutcho started off with a couple of whiting on his top water lure before I finally got my first ever whiting on

these lures, what a rush to see the little things darting around behind the lure before flaring thier fins and

arching thier backs and attack with lightning speed from the side, this is one of the best things we had seen

in our fishing exploits. I now know why regular popping Raiders love it so much.

Hutcho also scored a couple of EP's on his blooping popper a first for him as well as 11 whiting, I was dragging

the chain today with 5 whiting..

All fish brought to the boat were released and along with the countless swirls, boofs and self releasing fish it

was an enjoyable and very entertaining morning.

Hutcho's popper with its big blooping head and rattles was the best by far today and my Berkley 3B Crankbaits

worked as well as they could've for me today considering my novice touch.

Hutcho's gear for today was a Daiwa Heartland 2000 on a 2-4kg Heartland stick with 4lb braid and 6lb leader,

Ray's was Pflueger Supreme 2000xts on a Berkley Venom Death adder 2-4kg 4lb braid and 6lb leader

So that was our morning, first of what I can see will be many for us in the coming months..

post-3371-048354800 1291532171_thumb.jpg

post-3371-067586600 1291532147_thumb.jpg

post-3371-076630700 1291532120_thumb.jpg

post-3371-084074800 1291532081_thumb.jpg

post-3371-012056000 1291532260_thumb.jpg

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Its a shame us sydney siders get about 3-4 moths to pop, I'd love to do it all year....but maybe I wouldn't cherrish it quite so much....Nice haul of whiting there Ray and congrats on your first one ever, just try giving up the popper bug now mate, its impossible....Ohhh and just try walking out of a talk shop without a new popper each time you enter one, almost as hard...

Have you got a bream on popper yet look for the racks or old rack or some healthy snags and you'll be all over it!!! And just wait til your first 50 odd cm flathead boofs your popper, it will resemble one of those barra's you smacked earlier this year.

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Hi Ray,

I am yet to find success on poppers after several attempts. Can you comment on retrieval action and speed? Also watcer depth?



Hi Dan, mate we were fishing in water as shallow as 1 foot up to to 3-4 feet, the retrieve was all over the place cause I ain't any good yet,

but generally it was a slowish roll with a twitch of the rod held at about 45degrees with a heart rate of about 180 when you see the little thing attack. :074:

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