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Broke My New Rod

Tip Tip

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Bought a new rod and reel for some boat fishing up at Terrigal, planning on trolling some lures around tomorrow and I had just loaded it up and while pulling out a little extra line the top of the rod snapped and the two top guides were now on the floor.

The reel is a baitrunner 4500 loaded with 20pound mono and the rod is a Angler Rods 7" 8-10kg paid about $160 and I was shocked when the top of the rod just exploded. The rod was upright but there wasn't that much drag on the reel.

To rub salt into wounds I saw a special at a tacke shop today up at the cnetral coast with the reel and a rod combo for what i paid for the reel alone.

What should I do? I was not happy

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G'day Tip Tip.

Your only options are to talk to the tackle shop where you bought the rod. There's really no way to repair a rod with a break like that so that it's back to like-new.

When you say you were pulling line off, were you pulling the line back towards you while holding the rod or were you pulling the line away from the rod (in the same direction that a fish might take it)?

Cheers, Slinky

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Sounds like u high sticked the rod and broke it

If u tell the tackle shop that I dont think its going to be covered under warranty

If you ever want to see the rod put under pressure get the guy in the shop to do it that way if it breaks the shop gets it repaired

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Mate i broke my rapala jig rod and was devistated cause i thought my 240 bucks jus went down the drain. I went back to the store i got it from and he told them what happen, which he replied that silstar covers breakage like that and gave me a new rod no questions ask :thumbup: If your a regular customer they might do the same thing, u never know.

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The Rapala rods are so sensitive to mis use its not funny, the structure is so parabolic that if you put pressure on it other than from the tip they just snap, even some of the very expensive japanese rods are the same. Angler rods are made with PC blanks which are great, surprised you managed to snap it, but if you pull line away from the tip at the wrong angle thats what happens. My mate broke my brand new T-curve 24kg marlin rod by snapping the end off by bending the tip of it. They're all designed to spread the pressure throughout the length of the rod, goodluck with taking it back, but I think they'll pretty much know straight away.

Cheers, Tobe

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I own a number of Pacific Composite made rods & never had an issue.

worst case senario & the tackle shop not doing anything about it.

Depending on how much has broken off, you MAY be able to re tip it & reposition the guides.


This would be the cheapest option.


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