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First Bass On Fly Gear


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Took the family out for a day trip and decided to take the fly rod as i'm wanting to practice my fly casting. After getting onto the wharf i strip out 10 metres of line and make a very ugly cast. Stripped the fly back about a metre and WHAM i'm on..... at first i thought it was a mullet or a bream and then it took line and I was onto backing......was think this has got to be the mother of all bream. As I worked back inch by inch I finally net this bass to my surprise as I was fishing in the salt.

post-3102-017191500 1291630875_thumb.jpg

Not sure how big he was but from the label of rod to the end of the rod is 40 cm.

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Great effort and you have now broken the Fishraider record for Bass on fly :yahoo:

Submit that big boy to Slinky ,my good man.

Cheers Swordfisherman

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