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First Bream On An Artificial!


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Hey guys, i just spent ages writing a detailed long report about my short exciting experience this morning only to have it deleted... so this one will be a little shorter :P

Anyways, got woken up at 8am in the morning by mates who came over before we went to the beach. We weren't leaving until about 9ish so i had an hour to kill and 2 boys to keep interested, so i thought i'd teach them to cast a fly rod with one of my little yabby trout flies out the back.

Now, anyone who really knows me, knows that i have a secret love of bream and have been obsessed on trying to catch one on a lure. I've spent heaps of money on expensive lures, line, rod, reel etc. And i still haven't caught one on a lure.

Anyway, after a while of giving them ago, sharing my little knowledge i have on castiing... i had some time to have a fish with it. Soon after, while i was bringing my fly back, a big bream comes flying towards it. I quickly recast it on it's nose and BANG! I'm on, now this fish gave a decent account for himself and it was great fun on my little trout fly rod. I manage to land it and it goes 29cm. I was so stoked and couldn't believe that i managed to catch a bream on a fly before i ever caught one on a lure. Because this fish was so special to me, i let it go to swim another day... But it was a morning i'd never forget and a fantastic way to start what was a great day :D

post-12335-047420700 1291708700_thumb.jpg

post-12335-018454800 1291708721_thumb.jpg

post-12335-069410600 1291708740_thumb.jpg

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Great stuff and top report matethumbup.gif

Bream on fly before lure is special and well done for the release, I'm sure his down there right now telling his mates all about it also.

Glad you had a great day and that's exactly what fishings all about and I'm sure it won't be to long before you crack your 1st bream on lure.


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Dont be afraid to target kingies off where ur standing mate. Been busted off by some huge kings along that channel and amongst the moorings there. Ive landed fish up to 75cm there and everything else has either been undersize or unstoppable!

Nice work on the bream!


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