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Where At Forster?


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Hi I'm going up to Forster for a week at the end of January and I'm thinking of taking the boat up. If there is any one who could share a few spots/ tips on the area would be greatly appreciated. Also what is the bar like at the entrance to the lake and what sort of fish can I expect to catch? Thanks.

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mate i go up every year around christmas. If you are chasing flathead drift as close as you can to the oyster leases. I use an electric motor to get me close to the leases without banging into them. Half a pilchard on the end of a hook bouncing the bait on the bottom and you will be onto them in no time. I suggest if you are going to drift head for the oyster leases further up the lake. Those just up from the bridge are fairly hard to fish as the current is so strong.

If you are targetting whiting, head to the sand bars just to the right of tuncurry boat ramp adjacent to the bridge on the lake side of the bridge and anchor. you will find whiting generally all around the area just before the bridge though the fish do range in size. i find the start of the outgoing tide fishes best for larger whiting. If you hit a school of small whiting just move around a bit till you find the bigger fish.

And if you are after bream , again you cant beat fishing the leases, you will find plenty.

Good luck

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