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Georges River/botany Bay


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Hi all

Hoping you guys can help me out wanting to catch some livies in Georges river or botany bay i usually launch the boat from Georges river National park and drive up to Botany bay depending on weather and time. So if you can help me in the right direction where to locate them be much appreciated as i never have any luck!

Thanks heaps


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Guest Aussie007

head up stream a couple of km's to picnic point boat shed burly up with bread and catch poddy mullet than head to botany bay

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gday mate, Head towards mollineux point along the rockwallto get yakkas and get in a spot where u can trap your berley, rub stale bread in your hands to fine up the berley and use bait jigs, sumtimes they arent so easy to catch and u need to bit tiny pieces of prawn on your hooks to get them.Not too sure if the yakkas r around yet though as i was there 2 weeks ago and nothing around, a few more weeks and they should be on along with the kings.

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