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Portland Victoria - Day 2

Aqua Naut

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Well after a tired first day and everyone having a good sleep we were all up again at the crack of dawn with some great weather on the cards again. Slight Northerly Breeze and the swells tappered off to just half meter it was looking good. My team Whitewash were out first with Team Pascoe and Viking on our tails and all headed in different areas. Team Bonza and Team Tournament were heading around Northshore. We headed around the 15km mark on 60 mtrs and started our drifts. Today we needed something special to top the leaderboard leader Jamie (Team Pascoe) with his 23kg Thresher so we started to aim for some serious fish. Burleyed heavy on the drift leaving a great trail behind us. We were drifting for know longer than 5 mins when we saw what looked like a 80cm+ Barracoota leap out of the water getting chased by something close by. No longer than 5 mins later we spot a little Mako Shark :1yikes: heading straight into the burley trail. That was it all rods were up and the game rod ready to roll. :biggrin2: 1 Salmon rigged up to a 11/0 stainless steel hook and off it goes. Within seconds :yahoo: hookup and were on and in no time we landed a beaut 10.1kg Mako Shark :yahoo: Back to reef fishing Terrys on again and this one was of the bottom and he called it perfectly a very good sized Gummy Shark and he was spot on. A 15 to 20 min fight we land a beaut PB 21.4kg Gummy Shark :yahoo:

Incredible Jamie still leads by a few kilos :074: Awesome 2 sharks and by the 2pm we have a mixed bag of Tiger Flathead Morwong Snapper Barracoota. Spurdogs which we were hooking lots of, a pain in the backside were all released. So it was time to head home as we knew we had a job on our hands cleaning fish so we called it a day. All the other Teams did well with Whiting Flathead Small Snapper to 35cm

Terraki and Coota. Team Bonza had a brief in counter with a Thresher but no hook up :05: . All up another awesome days Fishing. Tight Lines for the final Day 3. :1fishing1:

post-8911-042526100 1291864970_thumb.jpg

post-8911-066549100 1291865048_thumb.jpg

post-8911-001733300 1291865302_thumb.jpg

post-8911-029534200 1291877507_thumb.jpg

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