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Lake Mac


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Guys heading up to lake macquarie in the next few weeks with the family and im bring the boat aswell.

Dont need any secret spots just the basics.Also is the lake well marked or is it a pain getting around....someone told me it's about 30feet deep all around the lake?

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As long as you navigate safely you'll be fine, just stay away from little islands in front of Pelican Marina, very shallow and you will get stuck.

As for fishing, the usual haunts are Pulbah Island, Drop Off at end of Swansea channel, Bates Bay and if you head outside head either south around Catherine Hill Bay, north you have Redhead, there's flatty drifting grounds around 30m mark. If you head outside take a wide berth around the Island and reef system, if you don't know it you can get into trouble.

Good luck fishing up there, i'm always around there somewhere.

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