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Near Disaster


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This post is for a friend

A Sea ray 175 sport, 135 Hp Mercruzer four stroke, had a dent in the hull that was being fixed. The boat mechanic gave it back to him.

The next day he decided to go out and the filled the tank, he and his family got to the ramp and they smelt a large amount of fuel and his wife said to take it back to the mechanic, reluctantly he did.

When they got home he opened the bilge and their was spome 60 litres of fuel in the bilge. They the called the fire brigade and they emptied the fuel from the boat.

The next day the the mechanic said it was his apprentices fault as he forgot to attach the fuel line......can you belive that???

Anyway.....the indside has been flushed now, can the fuel effect the fiberglass hull?? Note fuel was in their for approx 4 hrs.

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Guest Aussie007

its good the mechanic told u it was his fault a lesson to be had for the apprentice everyone makes mistakes i would expect your mate and his family to have a head ache for the next couple of outings from the fumes

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