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Jigging Off Terrigal


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Gday Raiders

Went for a jigging session on friday off terrigal, got the day off work and conditions were pretty good. No wind but the water was a little dirty and very cold.

The kings were pretty quite in the morning, but there were plenty of big bonnies keeping us busy.

Around 10am we moved areas to try and find what we were looking for.

So right on que first drop im on, its a good fish that hit hard on the way up, fishing with 80 pound braid and a 6500 saltiga very tight on the drag this fish had no problem peeling line off, 30-40m on the first run. What an awesome feeling nothing you can do but hold on and hope it stops before the reef. She finally stops and the fish is on the way up. Backed off the drag a little at this stage as this is definitely my pb king and would hate to lose her now. 10 minutes later shes on board! 110 cm of fat king! Woo Hooo!

Still in shock I was content with my catch I was hardly fishing. The boys though were still on the hunt.

Another change of area and 2 hours later, we start jigging again.

My mate right next me hooks up, he's on a top fish and its taking him for a run. We clear all the lines so he can run around the boat and follow the fish. 15 minutes later after an awesome tussel he is starting to look a little faint, Cmon mate keep goin we're all yelling! Out comes the net and second swipe shes in! A very healthy 111cm king. Smiles and cheers all round!

Then it started to heat up a little more we were finding better patches of kings on the sounder. Everyone starts hooking up! mainly rats but a few keepers in the bunch. This was awesome fun with everyone catching.

A top day off terrigal with the sydney boys leading the charge.

Cheers Happy Fishing

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