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Jewie Adventures


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Hi everyone,

Seems there has been a few good Jewies caught recently....I thought I'd add my share of Jewfish adventures from the past 2 weeks.

Quick run-down:

* Areas we have been fishing lately have been the Hawkesbury and Syd.Harbour.

* Most Jewies falling to smaller softplastics..mainly 4inch Grubs and shads. 1/2 ounce jigheads and 3/0 hooks seem to be doing the trick. Also got a couple of fish on 1/2 ounce TT Blades.

* Tides have been very Important. ( Like recent trip with Nick aka Snap-per...we rocked up to a spot that is very tide dependent...and like clockwork got a Jew on in less than a minute!)

* Surprise catches have been a decent Estuary cod....and big bream on the bigger lures.

Heres a few pics:

post-13416-052293100 1292052569_thumb.jpg

post-13416-008148000 1292052578_thumb.jpg

post-13416-068395800 1292052590_thumb.jpg

post-13416-078779700 1292052623_thumb.jpg

post-13416-091209300 1292052603_thumb.jpg

post-13416-099708400 1292052638_thumb.jpg

post-13416-076964400 1292052650_thumb.jpg

post-13416-074704000 1292052678_thumb.jpg

post-13416-090744500 1292052667_thumb.jpg

post-13416-014312000 1292052777_thumb.jpg



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No offence but i HATE u New South Wales dudes :ranting2: --- could only dream of catching Jews like that :ranting2: :ranting2: : --- man Melboune fishing sucks we have red carp here [ snapper ] ......But seriously dude what cracking fish i am so jealous now :wife: :wife:: .... At least i can see your Jewies on this site :1badmood: :1badmood:

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They are a protected species in NSW so you have to release them

more info about them http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/species-protection/protected-species/marine-or-estuarine-species/estuary-cod

Yeah good to know! I've caught them in north Queensland, and i've always released them up there.

I've never heard of them down here... amazing.

After googling, they're even found in brisbane waters!

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Maybe you guys should create a cult religion- cause you'd have many followers.

WOW- some of the best fish I've seen in a while, you guys are awesome.

Keep it up....

P.S- Jealousy is a bad trait, but towards your photos- I'd be willing to admit it.


Nan xxx

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