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Port Hacking And Beyond!


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Had a great day today.

Aimed to arrive at Gray's Point at 5am, but alas wok up at 5am. Was on the water at around 7ish and it was glassy!

Tried for a few flatties in and around Gray's on plastics but it was very quite.

Decided to head to Gibbon and the glass just continued. Trolled up 3 nice Bonnies in the next 30mins. Water was a chilly 15.4deg just south of Gibbon.

After catching a few Bonnies for bait I figured it was time to see what was lurking around the 60m mark south of Gibbon and surprisingly I hooked a good salmon on the bottom on a piece of Bonito intended for Flathead / Snapper. Unfortunately I lost the Salmon boat side as I would have liked a picture and to get a new PB.

I Burleyed for a while with a slab of Bonnie set for a Mako in about 70m of water but after an hour of trying and staring at the glassy conditions I thought I had to try the FAD for a Dollie. I was on my own and had told the missus I wouldn't head out to far, but it was just beautiful out there today - I could have skied to the FAD.

Anyway I made the trip to the FAD off Port Hacking (was an easy run at around 20kts), it was my first time to this FAD but I didn't struggle to find it. Trolled past it probably 6 times for no luck at all. Temp at FAD was 20.8deg. (Amazing Differential to the coast)

I put the shark gear out again after this and burleyed for a solid 1.5hrs - nothing showed up but the conditions were perfect and it was quite relasing out their on my own.

On the run back in a pod of probably 30+ Dolphins was playing around and at one stage 4 of them were riding in my wake. This made the day for me.

Once I got back in I did a Flatty drift off Kurnell in 50m of water a scored 4 legal fish to 50+cm. (Few, thought I was going home with out a feed their for a while as I didn't bleed any of the Bonnies and intended on using them all for bait.)

Didn't get back to teh ramp until 3.15pm, but it was a top day to be out on the water.

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