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Botany Bay On Fire Surface Action

Aqua Naut

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Hi Raiders well couldn't resist a great afternoon so I rang big Kev and said lets go for a fish. Left the ramp at 1800 Wind was moderate NE to 15 notts and alittle choppy but seemed to ease as time went on. Got out to the middle of the Bay and it was on the birds were going nuts everywhere :thumbup: So out come the Lures and within seconds we were getting smashed :yahoo: on great sized Bonitos to 50cm and heaps of just under sized Tailor and an odd keeper as well. Kept moving around and cleaned up everytime. Releasing the Tailor but keeping the Bonito for bait for the next trip out. We were there for about 45 mins until laughs come to pain. Kev hooks onto a solid Bonito until it spat the hooks right near the boat and within one action the lure flings back and the treble hooks lodge into Kevs right hand. :074: The fun was all over as we packed up and called it a quick hour and straight to the local Hospital to have the hooks removed from his hand :wacko: We ended up with a great catch after all and left them still going nuts as we headed back. The water temp was incredible 24.8oC and no wonder the bay is going skitso. All in all a very interesting arvo fishing. Hope Kevs hand recovers after all that. :biggrin2: Tight lines :1fishing1:

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