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Finally My Turn To Report On A Jewie.


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You fellow Central Coasters will read this report with a knowing smirk. A few months ago i swapped this post-1006-024524300 1292163468_thumb.jpg for this post-1006-063444600 1292163892_thumb.jpg.

Needless to say, a bloody great move. Once the boxes were unpacked and work finished for the year, it was time to chase jewies. Twice this week I was up at 3.30 to put the boat in at Patonga. 24 hrs fishing time in total spent on the hawkesbury for not even a run.

Tonight after seeing some friends off, it was time to hit the calmer waters of Brisbane Waters. I had some left over yakkas and 1 squid. Having put in at Woy Woy, I soon noticed schools of tailor busting up on the surface. They were all around the magic 30cm mark and I managed to spin up two of the to go down as livies. Spot one didn't seem likely so I anchored up in spot 2 and deployed baits in a fast current. Low tide was the main target and after a couple of eels pinched a few precious baits, the current began to slow. Then the sweet sound we live for, a long run with heavy drag followed by headshakes. It could only mean one thing and as I was in open waters, i could remain relatively calm (for a change). He had a few good runs in him before it was finally time to christen the gaff that has adorned my three boats over several years. The result a beautiful jewie; 10kgs cleaned and 105cm. Very very stoked :yahoo: .

post-1006-076182500 1292165315_thumb.jpg

Cheers from God's country

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Congratulations Humesey,

You deserve it and more - those countless man hours and lone trips on the water have paid great dividends.

You wont be able to wipe that grin off youre dial for awhile - I bet you are already planning another trip to go one better lol :biggrin2:

Top effort champ.

Twin 1

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Great work Humesy - pretty good way to start the school holidays for you!!

Might have to meet up for that fish we have been planning if the Kings don't come to play soon.

Hopefully plenty more for you in the next 6 weeks...



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Well done on a great fish. I live on the Coast too, however I still see plenty of that traffic. When will they ever finish the Entrance Road!!! Anyway, you persevered and got a great fish, by yourself too by the sounds of it. Hope to get one myself soon. By the way, could you see a fairly new 15 storey "resort" on the waterfront from where you were fishing.


The Poacher

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Thanks all for the kind words.

Mike, don't forget the feeling of seeing a big silver torpedo emerging from the depths. The kingies are great but the jewies are special.

Jim would be happy to hook up for a fish if you are keen. Tides look good and i am off to NZ next week so pm me if you are keen.

Poacher, I didn't really take in my surrounds. I got there late in the arvo and was looking at the water most of the time.

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Great work mate, that is a great jewie your persistance paid off. I too live on the Central Coast and love it here

however there was a traffic jam yesterday on the way to work at Avoca, there were 11 cars waitng at the Avoca Bowlo round-a-bout. LOL

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Awesome Jewie humesy!!

How good does it feel to be free of the city and then get a monster like that??? :)

Good to see you have a water, stuff the beer, who needs it after that?? best drug in the world catching a stunner like that is!!!

Keep on enjoying the solitude and excitement, doesn't get any better ...ever :)

My fantasy is not far off either ;)

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Well done Andrew!!! - I knew you would do it.

The fish looks like it is in good condition.

Would loved to have seen the look on your face when it came up!

Give us a shoout when you get back from NZ

G'day Mike, good to see you back!

Will definitely get in touch mid Jan. I have 2 weeks of me time as my wife is staying in NZ for a bit.

Cheers mate

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They can keep their snapper, kingfish , or even coral trout up north, in my books there is one, and the only one fish that makes my year , and that is not a soappy but a real river jewfish, the way they show up all silver, and the way they lie on their side when they had enough, and OOH! those shallow fried cutlets out of this world ,(life us good as it gets,) but then you know all about it ,

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