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Shellharbour 12/12/10


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Hi raiders. Went to bass pt with my two mates. Got there around 7am. There were around 20 fishos spinning and most of them were catching bonito. We caught around 10 bonito between the three of us in 15mins. There must be a large school around. We kept on catching bonito almost every 5 mins then it started to slow down after 8am. The wind started to blow around 10am. We ended up with 23 bonito. We were all very happy because the last time we only managed 1 salmon. One of my mate was extremely happy because he finally caught a bonito on lure. Now we don't have to buy fresh bait. We can now save at least $20 every time we go fishing. it takes around 2hrs for us to get there. that's at least $20 worth of fuel. its all worth it. catching something when we go fishing is 'priceless'.

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nice report mate :thumbup: the kingys wont be far behind the bonito $20 fuel? dang sometimes i use double that to get to port kembla!

Nice that you guys managed to get a feed of fish, unfortunaly Bass Point resembles a tip when the fish are on, not blaming you guys but there is a hell of a lot of people who come down from Sydney and treat this spot as a sewer, there is rubbish ,discarded fishing line and fish offal in every nook and cranny.The amazing thing is the council actually has installed a garbage bin on the rocks to clean the site up! I dont know if people are to stupid or lazy not to clean their fish down close enough to the waters edge so the blood and waste is washed into the ocean. Every rock pool is a cess pool. Please guys come and fish here but keep the rocks clean and encourage others to do like wise. Good luck next time.

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