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Blackfish At Little Marley


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I love fishing the low platforms around Little Marley.

This December is seeing a lot of weed on the rocks with the mild summer conditions.

Fishing the Low Platforms is tricky as swell > 1M makes them un-fishable and no swell makes the fish too spooky or not existent.

Sunday was a cracker sunny day. The swell was less than ideal but the tide was good at 1.4M.

Tides > 1.75 M the fish disappear.

Started an hour before high and fish were present but less bites than normally expect.

They keep alternating between cabbage and strand weed, so you have to keep experimenting when not getting bites. Caught a couple of fish and they went quiet.

Started getting little bites and learnt had to strike on even the slightest nudge, got another 4 all hooked in the skin on outside of mouth.

Ended up with 7 Blackies and 2 drummer.

The wife and I had a great day.

Sorry no pictures so attached a typical bag from another trip.


post-10909-027256100 1292207582_thumb.jpg

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Nice work,

I love eating black fish but never had the patience to seriously go after them. I have only ever gone for them once and got a few. might have to get into it again, also saw a heap of string weed and cabbage at bundeena the other day.

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